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You know where you’re going. The strategy may be clear, KPIs in place. Now you just need to find a badass team to execute it. We are AI researcher. We find the latest AI softwares and teach you how to best leverage them. Our absolute favourite at the moment is not even Chat GPT. Chat GPT will not make our top 5! We have partnered with many vendors who are disrupting the marketplace just now with innovative AI driven solutions!

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Latest Tools

Use the latest AI tools with a little training from our team. Our current favourite is Fireflies. An AI assistant for all your online meetings on Zoom, Teams or Webex, or Google hangout. It will take all speech and turn into text accurate for each speaker, labelled perfectly and can also save the voices in a scrub device where you can go to the exact point of the meeting and replay.

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Best Practices

How Ethical is AI> We leverage only the very best aspects of AI,

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AI Trends

H a.i! As they say in AI universe. We train your team to understand where AI is going and they can best stay ahead of the curve with free online training form Moonshot.

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Build your own AI Chatbot

Why log online to use external? Let us build you a bespoke AI Chatbot with deep human interaction capabilities.

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Specific Business Use-Case

We dive deep into your business and leverage the power of AI tailored exactly to your unique offering

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Development Hour Bank

When it comes to Machine Learning, you are your website. That’s why it needs to be planned and executed perfectly, and with complete integration with all other marketing tools and capabilities.



Know this: with us in your pocket, your strategy will be finely tuned, your marketing tactics will be most effective, and your USPs will stand out. We will calibrate your team to make the best use of your resources, and take you exactly where you wanna go with the vast capabilities of AI.

But that’s just where our badass services begin. With our AI workshops, we implement short iteration cycles for continual validation and improvement, bringing you closer to your KPIs with every cycle, and getting you results that impress the hell out of your c-level colleagues.


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